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muzzleloading conical bullets for sale We are proud to bring you a carefully selected group of products, each designed for a specific need. When the gun goes off, the base expands to grip the barrel’s rifling. 164. 45 caliber revolver. So, to get the single mold I required, I had to buy at 45 Caliber Black Powder Custom Bullet Mold by Steve Brooks. $42. (12 pack) The precision rifle extreme elite 45/300 grain muzzleloader bullet for a ,54 caliber rifle. If you are already shooting and hunting with our products, we thank you for being a part of our growth. 003-67273 | Hornady. 5. $ 12 99. 50 Caliber Sabot w/ . 50 Cal 385 Gr HB-HP Great Plains Muzzlelo Original price. The bullet designs were arrived at more or less independently and somewhat simultaneously by a very diverse set of shooters from all across the nation. 457 bore revolver. $23. Call for best shipping. 50 per hundred - conical . Pure lead, round nosed to fit most pistols' loading levers. Two lube grooves prevent flash ignition and lead fouling. The precision rifle extreme elite . (9) This muzzleloader version of the X-Bullet is 100 percent copper with a large, hollow cavity for quick, sure expansion. ORIGINAL MAXI-BALL PRE-LUBE BULLETS. BACKGROUND. . Compare. Leather Goods; Gun Slings; Shooting Rests; Targets; Scopes The 50 Caliber 240gr PA Conical is for those using a longer barreled, slower twist firearm, this heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet has about 35% more weight than a typical lead round ball. Original price $18. Backorder OK. hoppes no 9 black powder gun bore cleaner, 8 oz. The Hornady™ XTP Bullets are designed for hunting with high performance muzzleloaders. Add to Cart. 36 cal 78 gr - . The only other option for the cap & ball shooter is round balls or modern conical design. 0. 50 Cal 385 Gr HB-HP Great Plains Muzzlelo The best & biggest names in muzzleloader bullets are for sale at Muzzleloading Bullets. 00 off and no additional shipping cost. 50. Oct 01, 2021 · These include lead balls, and conical bullets that have a cupped base. Packaged 50 per box. Hornady. 025” jacketed hollow point fired from a 50 caliber in-line. Traditions is not responsilbe for any typographical errors regarding description or price. 99 - $29. Packaged in vacuum sealed bags to stop all oxidation (guaranteed to stay fresh forever if the seal is not broken). com Contact Us Nov 16, 2011 · The 1-in-28 inches rifling twist is also much better suited for shooting modern bore-sized conical bullets, like the 385-grain hollow-point and 410-grain solid-point Hornady Great Plains Maxi Bullet for the . This design makes the Great Plains bullet both deadly and accurate in more types of muzzleloaders. Projectiles | TraditionsFirearms. They feature a small base diameter which makes them easy to start down the bore. Price is $20. We carry many designs for black powder & smokeless cartridge firearms. 50 (11 %) These . Historical accuracy is not important for the project I am doing such as Eras gone bullet molds To pricey for what I need. Volume Discounts Available. 380 9,65 375 1 . 00 Hornady SST Muzzleloading Bullets-45 Cal Sabot w/40 200 gr SST - B67132 On Sale Buffalo Round Balls - 25% off Hornady Great Plains lead bullets were specially designed for hunting. These sabots feature the popular Hornady™ XTP jacketed hollo The 50 Caliber 240gr PA Conical is for those using a longer barreled, slower twist firearm, this heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet has about 35% more weight than a typical lead round ball. Rating: 0%. 58 caliber. Hornady® FPB™ Muzzleloader Bullets are a full bore conical, a true . 01. 36 Cal. Prefer Zelle transfer or paper check. 50 Sabots and Bullets. 375 diameter, 130 grain round nose bullet for . 458 11,63 410 1 . 00. com. Molds For Your Muzzleloader - Round Ball Molds, Cap & Ball Revolver Conical Molds, Sharps Rifle Molds, Walker Mold, Colt Patent Mold, Remington Mold and Kentucky Old Styhle Molds. Sabot bullets have a regular bullet that sits in a The precision rifle extreme elite . If you’re looking for Barnes muzzleloader bullets without a sabot, then the Thor full bore conical bullet is exactly what the doctor ordered. 50 Caliber 250 Grain PowerBelt AeroLite Aerot 5. Thompson/Center Cheap Shot . The freight will still be the same. Quickview. Extreme Elite 45/300 grain for . Description. Traditions™ offers a full line of projectiles for your muzzleloader! From our Smackdown Bullets to round balls and conicals these bullets have been tested and designed for use in Traditions™ firearms. In Stock. $19. 459 - . How To Contact Us Hunters Supply 1177 State Highway 96 Regina, NM 87046 P: 505-716-4369 E: HuntersSupply@hotmail. Quick View. This is the only bullet offered in a true hunting version for black powder revolvers. Set up fees for custom molds are expensive. Use these bullets with the black sabots. Bullets: Hornady Muzzleloading. 411-. Above, Benny P. 50 Caliber SST Sabots Same as TC Shock Wave. 4 Auction:9706957 . BA1105 Dixie Cast Conical Bullet 45/70. $12. 50 Caliber High Speed Low Drag Sabot W/ 45 Cal 300 Grain SST Muzzleloading Bullet 20 Count. Lee Precision Double Cavity Conical Bullet Mold for Black Powder Revolvers, produces a . Packaged 50 bullets per box. 00 - Original price $18. NO MONEY ORDERS PLEASE. HARVESTER 54c SABOT w/400 45c SOLID BULLET 20/b 6/c. Barnes Spitfire Tipped EZ Muzzleloader Bullets. 50 Cal 240 gr PA Conical 240gr. 375 diameter- 125 grain. 56 total. 00 c3. NEW - Pay Pal not accepted. Hornady® XTP Bullets . Nov 22, 2021 · Hornady Pennsylvania Conical Muzzleloading Bullets have about 35% more mass than a typical lead round ball. 801-675-5113. Add to Compare. Hand Cast Bullets; Harvester Bullets & Sabots; Hornady Muzzleloader Bullets; Power Belt Muzzleloader Bullets; Thompson Center Bullets & Sabots; Bullets for Knight Rifles; Traditions Muzzleloading Bullets; Lightfield Alpha Gold Bullets; Range & Hunting Gear. Hornady's PA Conical bullets deliver greater accuracy and more knock-down power. $6. Hawk Bullets was started in 1987. Includes QT, Dead Center, Extreme Elite, Keith-Nose saboted bullets. CVA . Upon firing, the thin skirt of the hollow base expands to engage the rifling and seal the bore. 512 Cavity Ø(inches) Ø(mm) Weight(grs) 1 . The 260 grain bullet is proven and our most sold bullet for muzzle loading rifles. 025 HP. Special offer Free shipping News We prepare Discount! 45 Caliber Black Powder Custom Bullet Mold by Steve Brooks. 380 - . 00 for 26 bullets. pack of 15. Info/Order 017-122 175 gr. 0. Item Number: HOR67713. 44 Cal conical bullets for the Remington 5. 00 $16. 00 per bag. QuickView. Catalog [14] Previous Page 1 2. Hello all, I have been looking for a Lee Conical Bullet Mold in . 44 Caliber - 240 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point - 20 Pack. Item #: HA35440. 50 Caliber 240-Grain Sabot Muzzleloader Ammunition. Become a Superior Black Powder Shooter! Thor's patented high performance, full-bore muzzleloading bullets feature Barnes™ X Bullet® Technology. 100 ct. Here is a natural development from the shooters that needed them. $21. 50 caliber bullet for use without a sabot. Beginning in the fall of 2018 we introduced saboted bullets to our line-up. since 1990! Sep 21, 2021 · The procedures for loading sabots or conical bullets when using loose Black Powder or loose Pyrodex® are basically the same. Bullets 50 Cal 240 gr PA Conical 240gr $16. HARVESTER SCORPION 54cal SABOT w/45c 240g HP 12/PK. THOMPSON CENTER. The small base diameter makes the bullet easy to start and the larger top diameter imbeds in the grooves of the rifling. 50 Caliber Ridgeback Sabot Bullets. X . Black Powder 45cal Here is a list of the mold available - all are soft lead, not wheel weights - round ball . 50 caliber bores. 3. The Thor™ Bullet is proven to be extremely barnes expander mz bullets, 50 cal. We are Veteran owned and operated and have been casting the most accurate heavy conical bullets for more than 25 years. 20 for priority small box. Gonic sabots, breech plugs, Vari-flame, super rat, big game air gun bullets, 9mm hunting air gun bullets, rifle primers for muzzleloaders, ballistol, patches, cleaner, NEF, Sidekick, Encore, g2, 700 remington ml conversions, Ruger ml conversions 50 Caliber High Speed Low Drag Sabot W/ 45 Cal 300 Grain SST Muzzleloading Bullet 20 Count. Reviews. The diameter is. Price: $15. In stock. Original price. Care should be taken to seat the bullet or sabot firmly against the powder charge. An accurate bullet that is easy to load. Price is $40. hornady lead balls for muzzleloading Bullets, Sabots & Balls. The heel of the bullet is reduced to aid in concentric loading of the revolver cylinder. Excess pressure may flare the skirt on exit! Early editions of "Lyman's Black Powder Handbook" show such bullets in flight. From. Yes - I will split this batch - for $6. 300 grains x . Our Low Price. Add to Wish List. 451 Cavità Ø(inches) Ø(mm) Weight(grs) 1 . 458 - . You Save: $3. Bullets Info/Order 017-115 195 gr. Eras Gone Bullet Molds was began for a simple reason. Hornady . Bullets 4128 North 125 West, Pleasant View, Utah 84414. Our PA bullets are pre-lubed with special knurled grooves on the bearing surface to hold the lubricant on the bullet — no need for a patch or sabot. 003-67263 | Hornady. 50 per hundred. These sabots feature the popular Hornady™ XTP jacketed hollo Hornady 50 Caliber Bore Driver Muzzleloader Bullet Box of 20. 45/330 grain for the . 7 minutes ago. 50 Caliber 290 Grain Bore Driver FTX 20 Count. 451 Round ball and . Long bullets for muzzleloading Available in calibers : . 36 caliber- . Online Only. (9) Blue finish steel mould bullet block suitable for casting a long or a conical bullet. The success of “NO EXCUSES” bullets is based on the idea that there are no excuses for a sub-standard bullet. These bullets are 100% copper and perform very similarly to (or perhaps even a little better than) the Barnes TMZ or TEZ, just without the sabot. Availability: Currently Unavailable. BA1106 Dixie Cast Conical Bullet 50/70. 54 caliber. I wanted an authentic conical shaped bullet to shoot in my Civil War black powder revolvers. 44 cal - 45-50 cal 132 gr - Ruger . You're reviewing: BT0606 Buffalo Bullets- Conical Black This muzzleloader version of the X-Bullet is 100 percent copper with a large, hollow cavity for quick, sure expansion. Current price $12. From Dead Center to Extreme Elite, QT & more! Order our muzzleloader bullets today! Bullets and Ball-ets for muzzle loading guns Track's traditional MINIE bullets, named after French Captain Minie, are Civil War era designs to meet NSSA rules. Our Price: $47. 451 11,45 485 Conical bullets for breech loading Available in calibers: . SHOCKWAVE 50 CALIBER 250GR CONTROL EXPANSION MAG EXPRESS SABOT. Buy (2) bags of these and get $1. $26. Select Options. On impact, it provides reliable terminal performance. For those using a longer barreled, slower twist firearm, this heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet has about 35% more weight than a typical lead round ball. #1. As you know. 6 out of 5 star rating. Barnes’ Expander MZ™ Muzzleloader Bullets produce more consistent shot-to-shot velocities and better accuracy than competing bullets deliver. 50/320gr. 0 (1) Hornady Great Plains 50 Black Powder 385-Grain Maxi HB HP Ammunition. 452 and the weight is 320 grains. 451), 250 gr. Featuring a copper jacket and strea View full details. The conical shape adds stability in flight for increased accuracy. 45 Caliber, . Buffalo Arms Co. Many bullet designs for old and obsolete calibers. $ 21 99. Harvester Muzzleloading strives to bring the muzzleloading hunter the very best in muzzleloading sabots and bullets. 512 13,00 450 Conical Lee Precision Mold Double Cavity 375-130-1R. com Precision Rifle - Manufacturer of the world's most accurate muzzleloader bullets. For a good while now and I know they can be tough to find. Shipping is $9. Bullets - Muzzleloader. Upon firing the skirt of the hollow base expands to engage the rifling and seal the bore. 50 Compare. 31 cal 45 gr - . 54 caliber muzzleloading rifle Is an excellent option for muzzleloading users. 3 (3) Traditions Smackdown Bleed 170-Grain . 459 11,66 500 1 . Our Sale Price: $28. $ 11 99. (In Stock) Click here for price! $17. It is a black powder mold custom made by Steve Brooks. 54 Caliber 425 Grain Bullets - Muzzleloader. Shop our collection of . 457 diameter, 220 Grain. These pre-lubed bullets don't require a sabot or a patch, and the conical nose of the bullet closely matches the shape of a round ball, so you can use the same starter QuickView. Reaction score. 50 Caliber 250 Grain PowerBelt AeroLite Aerotip Bullet 15 Pack AC1550AT. 36 Caliber. 99. $36. The X Bullet platform allows for superior levels of penetration, expansion and weight retention, factors that add up to superior terminal ballistics. 50/250gr SST Sabots: Barnes Spitfire MZ (15) TC Maxiball Conical Deep Penetration for Elk & Dangerous Game 207-7895 . ARES spherical lead bullets for muzzleloaders, graphite lubricated lead round ball bullets for historical and modern blackpowder weapons. 00 - $12. Black Powder 45cal RN 512gr - 50 Count Box. Leather Goods; Gun Slings; Shooting Rests; Targets; Scopes Nov 12, 2017 · There are (7) bags of (8) bullets each. muzzleloading conical bullets for sale

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